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    New Programs for 2018-2019 school year!
    (*2019-2020 school year registration coming soon*)

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    Letter from Rosemarie Lynch, Director

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    Bridges X-AM Extended Day Program at SSS and JHS
    SSS (grades PreK – 2)    6:45am – 8:05am          $70/month      
    JHS (grades 3 – 8)          6:45am – 7:50am          $70/month                  

    Bridges X-PM Extended Day Program at SSS and JHS
    (no program on early dismissal Mondays)
    SSS (grades 1 - 2)            dismissal – 3:55pm      $70/month      
    JHS (grades 3 – 8)           dismissal – 3:40pm       $70/month                  

    Bridges After Care Program at SSS and JHS
    SSS (grades PreK - 2)        dismissal- 6:00pm   
    JHS (grades 3 – 8)             dismissal- 6:00pm 

    1 Day* per week $75 / month
    2 Days per week $135 / month
    3 Days per week $190 / month
    4 Days per week $240 / month
    5 Days per week $295 / month

    *Please note that if registered for 1 Day per week - Mondays, there will be an additional $20 fee to cover the cost of early dismissal Mondays

    Early Dismissal Mondays
    Need coverage on just early dismissal Mondays?
    Early Dismissal Monday program is available each 1st Monday of the month
    SSS (grades PreK – 2)        dismissal – 2:55pm     $20/month
                                                     dismissal – 6:00pm    $35/month

    JHS (grades 3 – 8)              dismissal – 2:40pm     $20/month
                                                     dismissal – 6:00pm     $35/month

    School Closing Half Day or Full Day Program
    Half or full day Bridges will be offered on the following days when school is closed: 10/8, 11/8, 11/9, 1/21, 2/15 and 2/18.
    Program will be held at John Hill School. Open to children in grades K – 8
    Half Day Option   8am – 1pm      $40 current Bridges students
                                                             $50 Non- Bridges students
    Full Day Option    8am – 6pm      $75 current Bridges students
                                                              $85 Non- Bridges Students

    Need to combine programs? Discounts available
    Bridges X AM + Bridges X PM - $125/month
    Bridges X AM + Bridges After Care- $125/month- $330/month
    Sliding scale payment options available for those who qualify, with income verification.
    Sibling Discounts also available.

    All Programs are billed on a monthly basis

    Program Details:

    Bridges X-AM extended day program Early drop off opportunity. Children can purchase* or bring breakfast. (must arrive by 7:30 if purchasing breakfast).  Games, group activities, and exercise opportunities will be offered.

    Bridges X-PM extended day program Students will have an opportunity to complete homework in a classroom setting with certified staff members. Enrichment activities will also be offered.

    Bridges After Care Students are provided a small snack and will have an opportunity to complete homework. Games, computer-time, arts and crafts, outdoor play, and special events will also be offered. We offer flexible registration options for your convenience. (Choose 1 – 5 days a week coverage). Bridges is held on all regularly scheduled school days, except for June 20 (last day of school). Please note Bridges will close at 4:00 pm on Wednesday 11/21, and Friday 12/21.

    Early Dismissal Mondays Students will be provided a small snack, and will have an opportunity to complete homework, play games, and participate in outdoor play and special events.

    School Closing Programs Students will be provided a small snack, and will participate in games, arts and crafts, quiet reading time, outdoor play and special events. Participants should bring lunch.

    Program Goals:

    • Provide a healthy, safe environment
    • Support the needs of working families
    • Foster high expectations for all participants
    • Support healthy behavior and physical well being
    • Strengthen children’s academic skills
    • Promote community engagement

    Our staff consists of Certified Teachers, Para-Professionals, and local College and High School Students who all support our goals and will work to provide a high level of care for your child.

    Bridges to Learning Programs provide reasonable accommodations for students with special needs.  However, all accommodations are made within the framework of existing staffing ratios and program organization, but do not extend to substantial modifications in the childcare purpose, cost or availability of appropriate supervision for all participants.

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