• September 2021


    The first day of school is Tuesday September 7. It's a full day of school; please check your child's school webpage for arrival and dismissal times. Please note that regardless of which building your child is enrolled in for preschool, they all follow the same arrival and dismissal times. We will have 11 preschool classrooms running this year due to our participation in the NJDOE's Preschool Expansion Aid the past several years.

    While we all had hoped for a school year that would not be adversely affected by COVID-19, unfortunately that is simply not the case. Please (again) refer to your child's school webpage and her/his Principal for specific guidance as to the health and safety protocols which we have in place for the start of the school year.
    REMINDER: ALL school-age children will be eligible for free meals for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. We will continue to offer nutritious complete meals at no charge in addition to snacks and other supplemental food products for purchase next year.


    Counseling - The continuing global health crisis has placed additional stress and anxiety on all of us. We will continue to offer counseling to our students both in-person and virtually throughout the school year. Any questions about the availability / access to these services can be addressed to your building principal as well as our Director of Special Services, Christine Muench <christine.muench@boontonschools.org>, 973.335.9700 x2026.


    Please continue to utilize the Parent Portal to keep track of your child's progress.  If you need assistance logging in (including obtaining your username and/or password), please contact Angela Brown at (973) 335-9700 x8001 or via e-mail @ angela.brown@boontonschools.org .

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