• There is a great deal of misinformation about the occurrence of bed bugs in schools. Understanding the underlying causes of bed bugs when they appear in our schools is imperative in order to eliminate and prevent them from reappearing.

    Bed bugs are nocturnal insects whose primary food source is human blood.  Our homes, particularly bedrooms, are the ideal environment to them to feed and breed.  When they are found in schools they are almost always brought in from a residence. Bed bug infestation in schools is extremely rare as it's simply not the ideal environment for them to survive and multiply.

    Bed bugs are not considered a health hazard because they are not known to carry disease unlike ticks. Thus when they appear we have to address the issue ourselves, remain calm, focus on identifying the source and work together to eradicate them.

    We follow IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocols whenever any pest is found in our schools. Whenever a bed bug is found it creates anxiety and a sense of urgency for everyone. Sometimes the procedures we follow are called into question because bugs continue to be found - which is to be expected as the school is not the source.  The only way bed bugs will cease to be found in the schools is when the source is identified and treated by a professional pest management company. Over the counter sprays and insecticides are not the recommended course of action if you have bed bugs in your home.

    The following resources will help you to understand the nature and prevention of having bed bugs in your home and in schools.