• JHS School Nurse
    Mrs. Kelli Shiels
    973-335-9700 ext 2006

     The staff at John Hill School have learned some proactive ways to deter the spread of bed bugs and suggestions to keep from spreading of bed bugs.  Here are some suggestions that the staff would like to share with you: 

    • Talk with your children, remind them to keep their belongings separated and in their own locker/bag/cubby, sealed.
    • Put all clothing through the dryer for one hour upon arriving home. Please be vigilant in the sense that at the end of the school day, take your child’s belongings, except for books, and put through a dryer every day for one hour.
    • Using the sticky tape lint roller on oneself during the day will remove any critters on clothes (including ticks!!).
    • Do checks of the mattresses and bed frames within your home. Vacuuming frequently is also helpful.
    • If you believe you may have bed bugs in your home, contact a pesticide company to help eradicate the survival of the bed bugs within your home. This course of action has a significant better outcome of eradicating bed bug survival.
    • Do not have sleep overs if you believe you have bed bugs in your home.
    • Refrain from picking up discarded furniture/clothing for your home.
    • Corrugated boxes should be viewed as potential place of infestation for bed bugs, as they can live inside of the small holes on them.

    As a community we need to help one another through this process, please be diligent to help rid of this nuisance of bed bugs and not stigmatize.