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  • Hi, my name is Jawad Arshad and I am the current president of Students for Change.  This is my third years as a member of SFC and I am excited to take on a leadership role within the group.  My initiatives for this school year are to continue the legacy project last year’s group started and to bring new fundraisers to John Hill School.  If any student in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade wants to get involved in SFC, they can reach out to me in person or via email and jawad.arshad.2022@boontonschools.org.


    Hi, our names are Esha and Syed and we are the current co-vice presidents of SFC. This is our second year participating in SFC and we are very excited to help our president achieve many goals such as helping out with the 8th grade Washington DC trip and supporting other clubs and organizations. We want to hear from the students and staff on how they believe we can help improve our school. You can reach us at esha.azeem.2022@boontonschools.org and syed.ahmed.2022@boontonschools.org.


    Hi, my name is Yunus. I am an officer for the 2017-2018 SFC year. This is my first year in SFC and I joined it because it looked entertaining and fun.  I am excited to work with the executive board this year to improve our school. I recommend people to join.


    Hi, my name is Zach; I am in 8th grade and an executive board member for SFC. This is my first year in SFC. I wish I had joined it a few years ago because it gives me something to look forward to on Tuesday afternoons.


    Hi, my name is Luc. I am a 7th grade officer for SFC. This is my first year in SFC and I really enjoy it. I hope many sixth graders join SFC next year because it is a fun club.  I look forward to hearing from students and staff on how we can help improve the school.


    Hi, my name is Batisse. I am an 8th grade officer for SFC. This is my second year serving on the executive board. I look forward to working with others to create new initiatives and work on some existing ones.  


    Hi, my name is Abdul. I am an executive Board member for SFC.  This is my first year in SFC.  I am in sixth grade and am the only sixth grade representative on the executive board. My hope is that next year people would want to join because it is a great club. I look forward to joining SFC next year and continuing to work on projects with the group!