• Scheduling Add/Drop Timelimes

    The request to drop a course should only occur after much thought and consultation have taken place. Students must make an appointment with their school counselor if they are contemplating dropping a course. Students requesting to drop a course from their schedule must submit a Scheduling Change Form to their counselor. On this form, the reason for requesting the change must be stated. It is the responsibility of the student to acquire all of the signatures necessary to process a level change, including a parent/guardian, counselor, teacher, Vice Principal, and department supervisor. All requests will be reviewed by the classroom teacher, department supervisor, counselor, and Vice Principal before rendering a decision.

    A change in the level of a specific subject may only be made after thorough discussion is held with the student, parent/guardian, counselor, teacher, department supervisor, and grade level Vice Principal. The level change must be approved by a parent/guardian and an administrator. There will be three time periods during which a student may change a level. Each of these time periods carries with it different procedures for calculating the first marking period grade. The time periods and grade calculations are listed below:

    Add/Drop Timelines

    Time Period 1: September 5 - 16

    *Student must be recommended by teacher to move up a level.

    **Deadline for student moving up a level to make up all missing work: September 30

    Time Period 2: September 17 - 30

    Time Period 3: October 1 - End of Marking Period

    For a Scheduling Change Form, click here