• Realtime Parent Portal FAQ


    Helpful Information & FAQ’s

    Updating Contact Information

    When you log in to the parent portal, please review your contact information. You may update and/or add email addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts.  Click here to learn more about setting up your account.

    Important to Note about Contact Information:

    • Realtime replaces Honeywell Instant Alert for emergency notifications and school closings. Your Honeywell Instant Alert account is no longer active. It is critical to keep your phone numbers and email addresses current in the Realtime portal as we rely on this information in the event of district messages and emergency notifications. You can update your contact information at any time by logging into the parent portal.
    • Main Phone Number – A main phone number can be either a cell number or a landline number. If you have multiple children in the district, please be sure that the same Main Phone number is entered for each of them. Siblings in Realtime are linked through the main phone number field.


    1. I updated my contact information but don’t see the changes.When parents or guardians change their email addresses and phone numbers or add a new contact the changes have to be approved by the district for security reasons. All changes in contact information are checked multiple times per week. Once approved the contact changes will be reflected in the portal.  

    2. I have more than one student in the district. How can I link them under one account?

    If you have more than one student in the district, you can link students after creating a unique password for each student's parent account. A unique password is required for all accounts. To link students:

    • Login into one of your child's accounts.
    • Under the triple-bar menu in the upper right, click on Link/Switch Students
    • Enter in the parent username and password of the additional student you wish to add and click Link. You will now see the name of the additional student under the "Students Linked" bar . You can switch which student you are viewing by clicking on the Link/Swtich Students under the triple -bar menu and clicking on the Change to Student button next to the student name.

    3. Can I add money to my student's cafeteria account in Realtime?

    You may view your student's cafeteria account balance in Realtime but to add funds online, visit PayForIt.net. You will need to enter your student’s name and school identification number to create your PayForIt.net account. You can view the student identification number when you are logged into the Realtime portal.

    You may also add funds by sending in a check to the school. To read more about cashless options, click here.Click here to go to the Realtime Parent Portal