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Art Curating & Critiquing

Recently, in middle school Art, students took a break from art creation to focus on two other important aspects of our curriculum: learning about art careers and participating in art critique.

Sixth grade artists stepped into the shoes of an art curator. They learned about the responsibilities of a curator and practiced planning an art exhibit. A few student artists also began writing an exhibition label to accompany their display of "Huichol Inspired Yarn Paintings." Art teacher Mrs. Halliwell chose an art project that introduced students to art created in a different culture as a way for students to learn more about the world around them. The project engaged students in many ways while teaching them 21st century skills through art. Once every student has turned in this project, the class will display their planned exhibit in the hallway of JHS.

In another class, seventh grade Art students learned how to complete a “Sandwich Critique” before taking an in-building field trip to view eighth grade Greek vase drawings. Once the class arrived at the display, students carefully observed the artworks and provided artists with constructive feedback sandwiched in between two compliments. Students were encouraged to be specific in their responses and to utilize art vocabulary, including the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Participating in a critique challenged students to consider why they do or do not like a work of art, as well as the work’s strengths and areas that could be improved.