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PBSIS Boosters

Implementing our "Be Your Best Bomber" initiative, PBSIS, is a marathon and not a sprint.  Just like in long distance running, you need to have planned wellness stations along the way that "BOOST" your energy and consistency to make the long haul.  Instead of water stations and energy bars, we have planned boosters.  These boosters serve to build school spirit and climate among students and staff and re-energize our commitment to implementing our expectations of being responsible, respectful and kind.

This week each student set a goal for the second half of the year.  These goals will be posted around the school on our bomber planes.  We will also be having a door decorating contest.  Each homeroom will decorate their door to show ways to be kind.  Lastly, students will be working for 'golden tickets' during lunch and recess.  These tickets will earn students special school wide rewards such as crazy hair day, movie day and more...