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30 Minutes of Reading Matters!

Interventionists at School Street School share why 30 minutes of reading with our children each night matters so much:


  • Reading builds many important foundational skills including sentence structure and word awareness.

  • Reading creates connections in the brain that promote language as well as cognitive, social and emotional development.

  • Reading impacts our imagination and creativity, promotes empathy and enables us to appreciate different cultures and perspectives!

  • Reading increases our working memory.

  • Reading introduces new vocabulary; check out this AMAZING statistic:


What’s the difference between kids who read more than 30 minutes per day versus those who read less than 15 minutes per day? TWELVE MILLION! Between  kindergarten and twelfth grade, students with an average daily reading time of  30+ minutes are projected to encounter 13.7 million words. At graduation, their peers who averaged less than 15 minutes of reading per day are likely to be exposed to only 1.5 million words. The difference is 12 million words.