• RSVP-3 stands for "Responsible School Violence Prevention, Preparation, Protection."  The Morris County Sheriff's Office established the RSVP-3 application as a means to gather information that may be critical to keeping our communities and places of gathering safe.  Boonton Public Schools is grateful to have this resource available as it provides the ability to anonymously report significant safety concerns directly to law enforcement.  The linked RSVP-3 Flyer includes more information.

    The RSVP-3 Application is easily downloadable from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

    Tips can also be submitted using this link: P3 Campus | Anonymous Reporting Solution for Schools. Once there, click “Submit a Tip”, select the United States, New Jersey, the affected town, and the affected school. You will be brought to the report page. Tips provided using the link are received in real-time, just as when submitted through the mobile application. 

RSVP-3 Reporting