• Harassment / Intimidation / Bullying (HIB) 

    The Boonton School District is committed to eliminating bullying, harassing, and intimidating behaviors from our school community. All Boonton stakeholders are asked to report incidents involving such behaviors. Our district anti-bullying specialist, school-based coordinators & safety teams, and the principals will review all submissions thoroughly. Please read our Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy  to learn more about the legislation and our district’s response and the Definition of HIB

    Any stakeholder of the Boonton School District who has reliable information that a student has been subject to, harassment, intimidation or bullying, shall complete and submit an incident form or report the incident to the appropriate school official designated by the school district's policy or to any school administrator who shall immediately initiate the school district’s investigation procedures concerning school bullying. 

    To report an incident of harassment, intimidation, or bullying please do one of the following:

    • Contact our District’s Anti-Bullying Coordinator Mrs. Judy Sorochynskyj at judy.sorochynskyj@boontonschools.org or at (973) 335-9700, Ext. 8001. She will assist you completing the incident report.

              - For Boonton High School:

                 Leah Birchler- leah.birchler@boontonschools.org or at (973)-335-9700 ext. 4026

                 Cassidy Buchanan-  cassidy.buchanan@boontonschools.org or at (973)335-9700 ext. 4013



    • Contact the appropriate School Principal.  Each will assist you in completing the incident report:
    • Complete and submit the HIB Incident Report - click the school link below...  
      HIB Incident Report for School Street School, Grades PreK-2 ...(click SSS link here
      HIB Incident Report for John Hill School, Grades 3-5             ...(click JHS link here)
      HIB Incident Report for John Hill Middle School, Grades 6-8        ...(click JHS MS link here)
      HIB Incident Report for Boonton High School, Grades 9-12    ...(click BHS link here)

      You may also click here to print an incident report and submit by mail, or by bringing it into the main office at any of the Boonton Schools.
    • Anonymous Tip Line through Mobile App - You may submit reports of HIB anonymously through the district's mobile app. You can download the free app through Goggle play or Apple App Store.

    A member of the Boonton Board of Education or Boonton staff member who promptly reports an incident of harassment, intimidation or bullying using the procedures stated in the district’s policy and established procedures to the appropriate school official designated by the school district's policy or to any school administrator is immune from a cause of action for damages arising from any failure to remedy the reported incident.

    Anyone who files a report, that is known to be false, will be held responsible and reported to an appropriate law enforcement agency for processing. Under no circumstances will false reports ever be considered "a joke" or "minor mischief." They will be immediately reported.

    Additional Information: