• Gifted & Talented Programming

    Boonton Public Schools is proud of offer a continuum of services to meet the needs of all learners. Modeled off of Renzulli's (2014) Triad Enrichment Model, Boonton Schools is proud to offer a wide range of opportunities for extraordinary and twice extraordinary learners through experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.  Through differentiated instruction, acceleration, advanced classes, guest speakers, field experiences, and extracurricular experiences, our gifted and talented programs offer a wide range of opportunities for students to enrich and empower their learning.  Multiple measures, such as academic records, test scores, student interest, and teacher recommendations, are used to match learners with enrichment opportunities.  Please visit each school below for the unique opportunities available to students. We encourage anyone with specific questions regarding opportunities available to their students should reach out to the building principal.        

    School Street School

    John Hill School

    Boonton High School


    Boonton Board of Education Gifted and Talented Policy

    Policy 2464 outlines the Boonton Board of Education Gifted and Talented Policy.


    Gifted and Talented Appeal Process

     In accordance with N.J.A.C 18A:35-38 and District Policy and Regulation 2464, concerns about the delivery of gifted instruction can be raised through the appeal process outlined within policy.