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    School Street School

    Gifted and Talented Programming

    At School Street School we aim to educate the whole child.  At the elementary level, we tailor our programs to the individual child and differentiate instruction to either enrich or remediate.  This process begins with multiple assessments to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. 

    We administer a benchmark reading assessment four times a year.  This reading assessment determines if a student is reading on, above or below grade level.  We administer the Go Math Beginning, Middle and End of Year assessments to determine a student's mastery of NJSLS in math.  In addition, we administer the I-Ready Diagnostic Assessment in Math and Reading three times a year.  We use these assessments to determine a student's academic strengths and areas of struggle.  

    Once assessment data is gathered and analyzed, teachers design lessons to provide appropriate instruction for all students.   In reading, writing, mathematics and phonics, our teachers use the Workshop Model.  In this model, the teacher presents a concept or skill in a 10-15 minute mini lesson.  The students have an opportunity to practice and apply the concept or skill with the teacher and then are assigned a task related to their individual needs.   Students work in centers or stations with peers while the teacher meets with individual or small groups of students.  The tasks assigned in each center/station have varying levels of difficulty.  Some center activities focus on enrichment, developing critical thinking skills and problem solving.  Other centers focus on reteaching and skill practice.  Students complete center activities based on their performance on assessments and conferences with teachers.  Each day, the teacher devotes time to independent reading.  Students read books on their individual reading level.  Teachers confer with the students on these books and teach reading skills based on the child’s reading level.  Students who are reading above grade level work with the teacher and in book clubs on higher level thinking skills such as analyzing characters, comparing and contrasting settings, themes, etc. 

    Based on the results of the I-Ready diagnostic test, students are assigned lessons in math and reading.  These are individualized and focus on the skills identified in the diagnostic test.  Students are working on lessons that are above, at or below grade level.   In technology, students work on a similar program called Prodigy.  This tailors individualized lessons based on student performance. 

    Teachers are provided professional development in Reading/Writing Workshop six times a year.  They also participate in I-Ready training.  In addition, teachers meet in PLCs to work on improving their pedagogy in using the Workshop Method.


    John Hill School

    Gifted and Talented Programming

    T.A.K.E Flight Program

    The T.A.K.E. Flight program has afforded John Hill students opportunities to partake in enrichment experiences within John Hill School and throughout the region. The linked presentation includes some highlights from the program's first year that we look to build upon as the program grows.

    For more information about the T.A.K.E. Flight Program at John Hill School, click here.


    Boonton High School

    Gifted and Talented Programming

    The Gateway Academy

    Program Goals and Objectives:

    The goal of the Boonton High School Gateway Academy is to provide meaningful, well-rounded experiences, in the most effective and efficient of ways, in order to cultivate an environment where students can develop and maximize their gifts and talents in core content areas, with options to focus their learning in an area of their choice.

    For more information about The Gateway Academy at Boonton High School, click here.


    Gifted and Talented Appeal Process

    All appeals should be brought to the attention of the principal of the respective building.


    Gifted and Talented Appeals Process

    All appeals should be brought to the attention of the principal of the respective building.