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    The Department of Special Services for the Boonton School District is committed to working with all teachers, staff, parents, and students to provide individualized programs and services for children in need.   

    Our goal is to establish and maintain a positive open working relationship/partnership between parents, school administrators, and the community.

    The Child Study Team is comprised of a multidisciplinary team, including a learning disabilities teacher-consultant (LDT-C), school psychologist, and school social worker.  When a student is evaluated in preschool, a speech-language pathologist is also included as a member of the evaluation team.  When there are concerns that a child may have a disability, parents, teachers, and staff should refer the child for an evaluation.  Referrals are submitted in writing to the Director of Special Services, Maribel Martinez at John Hill School, 435 Lathrop Avenue, Boonton, NJ 07005.