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     Mindful me

    Mindfulness is the practice of becoming more aware of where you are and what you’re doing, without becoming overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around you.

    When we practice mindfulness, we’re practicing the art of creating space for ourselves—space to think, space to breathe, space between ourselves and our reactions.

    As educators, we want our students to be positive, present and contributing citizens in the world.  In order to help students achieve these goals, we are dedicated to focusing on four social emotional competencies; self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and social harmony. 

    Throughout the day, our teachers will take brain breaks to help our students focus and refresh.  They have taught some strategies for us to practice.  Here are some more.


    • Mindful Line Drawing
      • Take out a 4 x 6 index card (or small piece of paper) and a pen
      • Set a timer for 2 minutes
      • Draw one continuous line without touching or crossing itself
      • After the 2 minutes, take a look at your drawing and focus on your breath for 10 inhalations and exhalations
    • Brain Massage
      • Sit up tall and roll your shoulders back. 
      • With your fingertips, lightly tap your forehead and the area around your eyes. 
      • Place your fingertips on top of your head and gently squeeze and massage your (entire) head. 
      • Place 2 fingers on your temples and make small circles for 10 breaths.
    • Memory Minute
      • Sit up tall and roll your shoulders back.
      • Take a deep breath and visualize a blank piece of paper.
      • Sit quietly for one minute as you relax your brain and focus on your breath.
    • POP Check
      • Pause: Sit up tall and close your eyes or focus on a spot in front of you. Think about how you are feeling at this moment.
      • Own-it: place your fist by your heart and ‘own’ how you feel with your thumb. If you feel happy, relaxed, excited: thumbs up. If you feel worried, tired, nervous: thumbs to the side. If you feel angry, sad, or sick: thumbs down.
      • Practice: Pick a quick self-regulation activity (for example, those listed here!) to help get focused and ready to learn.
    • Centering Breath
      • Find your feet
      • Roll your shoulders back
      • Find your breath
      • Focus on your breath for the next 10 inhalations and exhalations 


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