• NJ State Seal of Biliteracy at Boonton High School

    Add this impressive distinction to your college and career applications!

    What is the Seal of Biliteracy?

    The NJ Seal of Biliteracy certifies that a student is biliterate in English and another language. Students who are proficient in English and meet Intermediate-Mid proficiency in a world language will receive the NJ State Seal of Biliteracy certificate and will have this included on their high school transcript. Scores that prove proficiency are set by the State of New Jersey. Biliterate means that a student can read, write, speak, and understand two languages. Please refer to the State of New Jersey’s Acceptable Evidence of Proficiency guide. 

    Bilingual means that a person can speak and understand two languages.  Biliterate means that a student can read, write, speak and understand two languages. Students who earn this recognition are biliterate. 

    What assessment is used to determine biliteracy in a language other than English?

    Students can demonstrate their biliteracy on an AP test (11th grade) or the STAMP 4S assessment (11th or 12th grade). More information about the STAMP 4S assessment can be found here

    When can I get more information about earning the Seal of Biliteracy?

    You can sign up to get more information by completing the Student Interest Form here. Students will then be called down for an assembly to get more information about the process in their Junior/Senior year of high school. 

    Who can I contact for additional information?

    Please contact Mrs. Meghan Stratton, Supervisor of Humanities 6-12, for more information at meghan.stratton@boontonschools.org.

NJ Seal of Biliteracy