The Gateway Academy

The Gateway Academy

  • The Gateway Academy: 

    If accepted into the Gateway Academy, participating students engage in academic coursework that will provide the opportunity to gain a full year of collegiate credit during the regular school day at Boonton High School and within the traditional four year high school period.  Unique academic experiences compliment Boonton High School’s Gateway Academy.  Academy students also have the distinct honor of touring Ivy League campuses each year.  Each month, Gateway Academy students attend and present at lunchbox lectures. Gateway Academy students also participate in a targeted four-year mentor program that will enhance leadership skills and culminate in a unique senior year multi-media thesis project. 

    The Gateway Academy is not a segregated program.  Students are fully integrated into the vibrant culture of Boonton High School’s extra- and co-curricular programs and enjoy the school’s enhanced facilities and innovative new activities.  Boonton High School is a small, comprehensive academic school that promotes student achievement, creative growth, and leadership development. Forging connections with students and parents is paramount to the staff and administrators of Boonton High School.


    Gateway Academy's Parent Information Center:
    Mr. James Nash

    973-335-9700, Extension 4019


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Gateway Academy Application

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